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Pike Fibre


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MF PIKE FIBRE  or Pike Skinz do not absorb water so flies will cast well and give great movement in the water every time. Can be mixed with MF FLASHES or MF DUBBINGS , used as synthetic, translucent long tapered tail fibers.

Pike Fibers are as delicate as traditional feather fiber but infinitely stronger.

Available in a wide range of both blended and solid colors. Fibres are slightly curly and creating a large and attractive profile is easy.

They are well for saltwater patterns and other streamer flies.

Pike skinz fibre – slinky fibre or MF Pike Fibre are chosen by many worldwide anglers.

Fibre length is approximately 30 cm and in a fantastic range so they are colors ideal for pike absolutely best fibre youll ever find

Find Our Fibres In A Fantastic Colors:

ocean blue
bloody red 
deep black
snow white 
emerald green
metal silver 
neon pink
neon orange
midnight blue
neon yellow
fresh soda 
honey blonde 
lime green 



*price per pack

*Example of flies designed and  tied by Minka Fly using , PIKE FIBRE , PIKE DUBBING  AND MIX OF MF FLASHES.

pike flies can also be purchased at MF Fly Shop

MF Pike Fibre – Pike Skinz Predator Fibre -Slinky Fibre

jerkbait mania pike skinz


ocean blue, bloody red, deep black, snow white, emerald green, metal silver, neon pink, neon orange, midnight blue, neon yellow, fresh soda, honey blonde, lime green, silver, light grape, dark red, tomato red, aqua, yellow, plum, cinamon

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