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Fly fishing for pike is very popular in the Scandinavian countries, Ireland, UK, Canada & USA and wherever you can find this fish, it is becoming a standard now that more and more people catch them with Flies. Pike are brilliant Fish for catching on the fly-fishing method. They are fiercely hitting Flies both on the surface and further down the water. Pike Fly Fishing gives a lot of fun and unforgettable experiences, so more and more people are reaching for a fly rod to try their strength to catch this predator. So now you have to answer for one question Can you catch pike on a fly? if yes continue :).

Pike Fly Fishing - Fine Pike With Fly
Fine Pike on Our Fly

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Here you will find a brief description of what you need to start fishing for pike on the fly. But remember one thing. Fly Fishing for pike are very addictive and the fly fishing method is one of the most demanding.

In spring, post-spawn pike can be tough to catch. The water is still very cold and the fish are exhausted from spawn. This is a time of year when you often need to slow down your presentation, use smaller fly patterns, and concentrate on casting to fish you can spot. At this time of the year, pike are still often in the shallows, water less than six feet deep—even as shallow as a foot. The patterns I prefer are size 1/0 to size 4 Deceivers, Bunny Leeches and Zoo Cougars. Favorite colors include white, black, and chartreuse or red.

Summer is when the bigger fish go deeper, hanging near drop-offs and deeper weed edges. This is when we should use a full-sink line with a type 4 or 5 sink rate (4-5 inches per second) coupled with a short leader of 3-4 feet. Getting your fly down into the pike’s strike zone is critical. This is the time of year to use big flies, such as saltwater patterns. Favorite times of the day for bigger pike are when the light is low. In the early morning, when the sun is setting and has just kissed the top of the trees, the long shadows seem to provide pike with enough security to begin actively hunting. Similarly, at dark, I love casting these big flies near weed edges on sunken islands, twitching them in, looking for that deadly shadow following them.

Pike Fly Fishing

Fall is often the best time to catch some of the biggest and heaviest pike of the year. After a full season of eating they are heavy brutes with lots of energy, but they are still eager to feed, needing to put on us much weight as possible to help them survive the winter. At this time of year, I generally concentrate on water around 10 to15 feet deep, using a full sink line and a short leader. I also convert back to smaller fly patterns and fish them slowly. As the pike are not as apt to chase fast moving flies as they are in the summer, the smaller fly and slower retrieve are more likely to trigger a strike.

Pike Fly Fishing

Fly Rod For Pike

Fishing with fly rod 9 weight is just fine for Pike. To get easy casting big bulky flies might be better alternative is 10 weight.

So most common setups of fly rods if you want to try fly fishing for big pike are:

9 ft 9 weight
9 ft 10 weight.

Pike Fly fishing Line
Pike Fly fishing - fine pike

As for lines, for pike flies and how do you fish pike flies? you will want something with a pretty extreme WF head and taper. I like Rio Pike/Musky or Loop Marauder, Booster. Some people really like Scientific Anglers Titan. There are a few good options. Try and keep the head length under 30ft so you can pick up and throw long casts without an excessive number of false casts, this is how its done when pike fly fishing.

Most of your fishing will be subsurface. 90% of my fishing is on an intermediate or full-sink line. It’s nice if you can get a couple spools for your reel and have a few different sink-rate or a floating option on hand for whatever season/conditions when you are pike fly fishing. Remember when you try pike fly fishing you wont stop it :).

Quick guide for Leader

Perfection loop 3’ 40lbFluoro-(double uni knot)---3’ 20lb fluoro-(albright knot)-18” wire”-(uni knot)-fastach clip->fly

Pike Fly Fishing another Pike

Recommended Pike – Flies What flies to use for pike?

Definitively you need a best selection of natural pike fly patterns. They imitate baitfish such as roach, perch, bream etc. As well as some very bright colors patterns.
When the water is very clear and the pike are feeding more aggressively we recommended to use natural pike fly patterns. They works best in such conditions. When the water is colder or dirty try for the brighter attractor pike fly patterns they can be very successful for winter pike fly fishing.

Best Pike Flies Selection
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