Welcome to my shop !

My name is Paula and I am a founder of Minka Fly.

Iam a passionate with fly tying and fly fishing. I decide to share my passion with you.

Minka Fly is a great source of MF fly tying materials , ready to go flies or custom made hoodies and tshirts.

On this page you will find selection of dubbings, eyes , chenniles , hair , furs.. and much more to upgrade your own fly!

All materials blended and hand packed by me , all clothing are made by me to make sure i bring best quality to your doors.

Not a fan of fly tying but huge fan of fly fishing? I have great selection of trout, saltwater or pike flies…cant find anything intresting ? Send me a message and I will custom your Fly.

I have good selection of customers who already trusted me , want to be one of them ? Simply follow my social media for news and updates.